About SuccessNow SuccessNow is passionate about providing principles that will help everyone succeed every day because the truth is Everyone Can Succeed! SuccessNow is based on the world’s best seller and number 1 success book = The Bible. SuccessNow will provide resources for success through podcasts, blogs, twitter and various speaking engagements.   About Joel Kaylor   Joel Kaylor is the founder of SuccessNow and is passionate about helping others succeed. His desire is to see every person reach their potential to impact and improve society.   Joel was born and raised in Japan. He is a graduate of Portland Bible College in Portland, Oregon. His wide range of experience include Student Body President, Tour Coordinator, Customer Service, Top Sales Man, Bookstore Manager, Project Manager, Worlds Sales & Marketing Director, Counselor, College Teacher, Pastor, Interpreter just to name a few. The last 20 years has positioned him to help others succeed. Currently he is a Life Coach and a Lead Pastor at Life Church in Osaka, Japan. In addition he is the founder of SuccessNow and have spoken internationally and across the country of Japan as a motivational speaker helping others succeed.   Joel resides in Osaka, Japan with is wife Kelly and three children: Elisa, Joshua & Sophia.